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16 Reasons Why Your Apartment Rent Application Could Be Rejected

Many tenants think they’ve done something wrong following a rejected apartment rental application. Not so!


History of Rent Control

Rent control legislation in the United States has been used to help control prices in the rental market -- and act as a...


Who is your customer?

For our business to thrive, we really needed to focus on bringing out-sized value to one target customer.


Who is your customer?

I'd say every startup needs to tackle this question, and though having a co-founder helps, the same thought process can...


Introverted founder cancels IPO to avoid coming out in public?

As an introvert and an entrepreneur, I know I have to get out there to build relationships. You have to talk to...


An Introduction to Rent Reduction

Why don't more renters negotiate their leases? Many reasons, it turns out -- here's how to overcome them.